How to compose an SMS messages

It is easy to compose and send bulk SMS messages.

A page of bulk SMS message is composed of 160 characters and you will be billed on the number of pages of your message contain. So, if you are sending text message, keep it within 140 characters while for voice SMS, keep it within 30 seconds for a page.

By default, the “SMS compose page” is the default page on your dashboard when you login to your eStoreSMS account.

To compose SMS, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Input your preferred sender id

Step 2:  Indicates the recipients of your message. Note that there are 3 ways you can do this: 

  • Type the number(s) in the field designated as destination numbers. 
  • Upload the numbers as file (Note that the file must be in .txt format; here is how to create one).
  • Select contacts from already saved phonebook groups to receive the message 

Step 3: Type the message the recipients will receive. (note that you can choose from a draft and can also save the message you are sending for future use)

Step 4: Select your preferred route, normal route delivers to all numbers except DND-active numbers, while corporate route delivers to all numbers including DND-active numbers.

Step 5: Click send messages instantly or schedule for future.


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