How to Integrate EstoreSMS API to your website (complete setup for bulkSMS, airtime and data top-up)

How to Integrate Estoresms API to your website

API is an acronym which stands for “Application Programming Interface.”

It acts as an intermediary connecting two applications.

In this case, Our API will establish connection to configure our SMS and airtime solutions to work directly with your server or app without having to visit estoreSMS each time.

To get started, visit our detailed documentation pages.


How to set up EstoreSMS API for  Bulk SMS

This API allows your website users to send SMS directly from your website, though you will be charged from your estoreSMS account.

To get start, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Login to your estore account

Step 2: Click on services

Step 3: Scroll down and click on SMS API documentation

sms api integration estoresms



Step 4: Copy the desired code (normal or corporate route)


sms api integration


Here are a few things to note:

  • We have two types of APIs
  1. The http API connects your estoresms account to your website to send messages that do not bypass phone numbers on DND
  2. The DND API also connects your estoresms account to your website to send messages that  bypasses phone numbers on DND

You can decide the APIs you want to use. There is an option to integrate both.

  • Account balance API fetches the wallet balance on estoreSMS and displays on the reseller’s website.


Step 5: After copying the code, ensure you replace the username written as “user” with your estore username and ‘1234’ with your estoresms password.

After doing this, you can now paste it to the API manager in your SPC setup.

For custom website not built on SPC,  you need to develop a form that can collect the parameters.

(Your developer can request for sample code by sending email to


If the set up is not done correctly, here is a list of error codes that you might get and their meaning:

Return Values
2904 SMS sending failed
2905 Invalid username/password combination
2906 Credit exhausted
2907 Gateway unavailable
2908 Invalid schedule date format
2909 Unable to schedule
2910 Username is empty
2911 Password is empty
2912 Recipient is empty
2913 Message is empty
2914 Sender is empty
2915 One or more required fields are empty
2916 Blocked message content
2917 Blocked sender ID


How to set up EstoreSMS API  for Airtime/data top-up

This API allows your website users to purchase airtime and data directly from your eStoreSMS account.

After successful payment has been made, you will be credited with the amount paid and debited with the amount we charge for that airtime amount.

Here are a few steps to guide you on how to set it up:

Step 1: Login to your estore account

Step 2: Click on services

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Airtime/Data top up documentation

estoresms api

Step 4: On the Airtime/Data API documentation page, you will find API for Joomla website and HTML which can also be used for wordpress designed website.


For Joomla, click here to download the joomla module on the page, install on your website and complete the set up by inputting your eStore Username in the Module manager page of your website.

estore joomla module download

For WordPress website, Copy and paste the html code in between the <body> of the CSS of your website.

estoresms api for data top up

Make sure you have enabled Airtime/Data Api Token in your account settings.

Viola, you are done.

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