How to start selling airtime and earn 4% commission

It is possible to sell airtime & data with or without having a website.

There are 3 options to sell airtime and data in order to earn commission. Only two options  require you to own a website.

1.. How to resell airtime and data to earn 4% commission without website:

The basic requirement for you to be able to sell or load airtime from eStoreSMS is to create an account.

Then fund your wallet.

You will now manually fund anyone that wants to buy data or topup airtime from you after they have paid you.

2. How to resell airtime and data to earn 4% commission with website:

With this option, you can resell airtime by connecting via API integration or installing the topup widget on your website.

Option A: Whitelabel access via API integration

By connecting via API, you will have access to a whitelabel solution as the whole operations will take place on your website without redirecting to eStoreSMS.

For this to work, you will be required to have funds in your eStoreSMS account.

Here is how it works.

Your customer has a wallet/account with your —-> Funds her wallet —-> Customer is presented with the option to Load Airtime/data on your website—> Customer loads data/airtime (remember via API) ….> Customer is debited with face value….> Your account on eStore SMS is debited 4% less than the values.

See the documentation for more details to set up airtime and data topup services.

Option B: Integration via widget.

This option enables you to vend airtime or data top by installing a plugin  that may be installed on your website/blogs.

After installation, this is how it displays on your website.

When your customer initiate payment, they will be able to pay using ATM cards.

The transaction will take place on your website. No redirects.

Like this.

Here is how it works

Your customer buys airtime of N100 —> pays online and charged N100 —-> N100 credited to your own eStore account—-> Airtime purchase initiated at 4% discount (eStore deduct N96)—-> Balance of N4 in your account.

To put it in a simple equation.

Your inflow= N100  (paid by your website user)

Your outflow=N96  (deducted by eStoreSMS)

Your balance = N4.  (Your commission on transaction)

See the documentation for more details to set install airtime and data topup plugin.

3. How to spend your accumulated commission and withdraw it.

if you keep making sales, your commissions will get accumulated. You can decide how to spend it.

Here are few ideas:

  • Use it for another recharge
  • Transfer it to other eStore users. (see how)
  • Withdraw the commission directly into your bank account. To do this, contact our support team with your bank account details in order to pay your commission to your bank.

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