How to send Flash SMS

Flash SMS messages are categorized as Class 0 message.

It displays directly on the screens of the phones, thereby, it catches the recipients’ attention immediately. 

This is really good for marketing purposes and getting critical information across.

The only major downside is that this type of message is not automatically saved, but recipient has the option of saving them if they choose to.

It is easy to create this type of message. After logging in to your account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on compose from the left hand panel of your estore dashboard

Step 2: Select flash SMS as the category

Step 3: Input your preferred sender ID

Step 4: Input recipient numbers in the field designated as destination numbers or use any in your phone book (Click here to learn how to manage your phone book)

Step 5: Type your message. Also note that messages saved previously as drafts can also be selected

Step 6: Select your preferred route, normal route delivers to all numbers except DND active numbers, while corporate route delivers to all numbers including DND active numbers.

Step 7: Click send messages instantly or schedule for future purpose.

If you intend to reuse the recipient numbers again, remember to save destination numbers to a new phonebook group or update an existing phonebook group


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